Artist Statement

                                                                    "Spaces in Between"

I dive into my paintings very intuitively. I usually don't know where i am going from the beginning. I just have the need to create, to paint the surface and there's something that happens in the process, where my subconscious speaks to me and lets me know what's happening. I try not to control my work. I have control over placement but once that's don't, it becomes it own entity. Abstract work to me must be free; the universe must still be able to exist in the work. I do have more control than I want. I don't meant to, want to, or even know I do but as its coming out I begin to see. I've been controlling the work spiritually, with the universe. I am just another medium. Painting for me is nothing but therapeutic, its me exploring my own psychological state and learning more about myself, figuring out what, how, and who I am. I've been here before but as time goes on we all change and need to learn again who we are. This series is a compilation of the past few years where I've lost my way trying to fill the space in between, usually filled with irrelevances. Something I'm searching for and realized I've gone off of my own path and where I'm at now, my sense of being, my sense of enlightenment, my freedom, not in a political sense but how nothing has control over my happiness, my career, or my education. These painting were created in my new gallery/ studio, obtained by the need to change my energy. Energy from a metaphysical standpoint, the action of setting my chakras back in balance and creating a new space, my temple to create again and to deny the mental block handed down by negativity. My paint needs to be free. Without that freedom, I can't paint

Artist Statement '08




The works I am producing at this time are the beginning of a new front in my life they represent what, how, and why we are all here in existence. They are organic in the sense that they are created from a natural state of mind without ego, the universe is taking me for a ride and I am just another tool for the pieces to be created. Think of me as just another brush. I try not to control what is going to happen while controlling the means of them happening, where, and how they are going to happen. They have their own life and by no means am I the creator of life, just a messenger to convey the thoughts of myself and the universe in an abstract sense. . I have a method of breathing the life into the painting during the “first layer” which consists of many layers. Until this ‘first layer” is complete I cant begin to find a point of focus. Once it is done that where the fun begins. Look at these pieces with your heart, mind, and eyes. Open your eyes to the world and you will realize the relevance of what you see. They take you on a journey to somewhere else . Just sit, watch, and listen to the universe talk to you as you find yourself lost in a realm that lets you exist the way you are.