1.    Born in San Antonio, TX, raised in Houston, TX.

  1.    San Antonio , TX begins to search for his voice in art. Graffiti and abstractions take form

  1.    Begins studio painting

  1.    2nd Sight Studio opens, James travels back and forth to New Orleans ( Paints in Jackson Square)

  2.    2008 Curator for C.A.L.O. (Contemporary Art and Literature Organization)

  1.    Teaches art, The San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity


James Saldivar is a Curator and board member for C.A.L.O.’s (Contemporary Art and Literature Organization) Una Noche de La Gloria, taught at the The San Antonio School for Inquiry Creativity for two years, and teaches out of his studio. He is currently working on his BFA in painting and psychology and plans to continue for his MFA.

James was born in San Antonio, and moved to Houston, TX as a child where he was raised. He lived in Houston for 12 years before moving back to San Antonio where he has lived and worked for 17 years. His paintings consist mostly of abstracts with a strong language of color and the dialogue of how it creates, changes, and moves mood. “Color and the emotion are what intrigues me most of all, the conversations they have and how one without the other just doesn’t seem make sense.”

Since the 1990’s his work has involved the juxtaposition of color. The works since then have gone from graffiti, and abstracts to conceptual works, figuration, and back to conceptual abstraction. What he’s working on now has a touch of most of what has been his work for the last 5 years. It’s representational, conceptual, and abstract all wrapped

up .

His current body of work the “Drips” has been a monumental period for James; he has found a way to join his love for color with his dying obsession to get his words out through painting. Each painting in this series has a strong, moving, and very emotional backdrop. His reason for painting and the need to speak his mind through them leaves James at a very vulnerable position which can be taken advantage of, and does from time to time, yet this only proves to feed his work with more experience and wisdom to continue on his journey through life and his work as the universe sees fit. The underlying layer of paint consists of a very thought out process of very strategically placed lines which represent how we as humans have the need/ want to control our lives and as much as we can because of how the world makes us so cynical. The over layer (drips) are a basic representation of how the universe is going to do what its going to do no matter what we want. At times it may seem as if we have control but don’t be mistaken, it’s just a falsity and merely coincidence.

James Saldivar


Professional   Experience

-            2ND Sight Studio Owner 2007-Pesent

-            Murals

-            Painting/   Figurative, Abstract, Mixed Media

-            Drawing/   Charcoal, Pastel, Colored and Graphite Pencil, Markers

-            Art   Teacher, The San Antonio   School for Inquiry and Creativity 2009-11

-            Steering   Committee Member - Una Noche de la   Gloria

















Individual   Shows

2013       " Spaces in Between"              Silkworm, Lonestar Art District, S.A.,TX
2012       "Universal Connection'             Comminos Studio, S.A.,TX

2011       “Balanced”                            Jumpstart Theater, Bluestar ArtComplex,   SA, TX

2011       “ 'Transitions”                        The Villa Art Space, SA, TX

2010        New Works                           Bluestar Brewing and Co, SA, TX

2010         “Revelations”                                Bihl Haus Arts, San Antonio, TX

2008         “Breathe”                                     Circle Infiniti Art Space, San Antonio, TX

2008         “Flow”                                           Mandala Art Gallery, San Antonio, TX.

2008-11   “On and Off Freds. Rd             2nd Sight Studio, San Antonio,   TX

                   Studio Tour”

2007       “Past and Present”                 Henry De La Paz Studio, San Antonio, TX

2004       “Influenced”                          One9Zero6, San Antonio, TX

2003         “Juxtapose”                                  Jive   Vintage, San Antonio, TX  


Group Shows


2013           "Nine Lives"                                          Silkworm/ Lonestar Art District, S.A.,TX
2011           "Op de Muur"                                        Audley Society, Museum disrict, Houston, TX

2009-11      “Una   Noche de la Gloria’                     Historic Guadalupe Arts District, S.A.,TX

2009         “Black, Red,and White”                  High Wire Arts, S.A., TX

2008-11     “On and Off Freds. Rd                   Bihl Haus Arts,, S.A.,TX

                   Art Show”

2008         “Live Art Show”                      1906 Art Gallery, Lonestar Art   District,S.A.,TX

2007         “Visiones de Virgin de Guadalup”e    Centro Cultural Aztlan, S.A.,TX                                  

2007         “Culture Vulture “                          Mandala Art Gallery. S.A.,TX

2007         “Huevos Ranchero”s Gala                Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, S.A.,TX

2007         New works                                   Circle Infiniti Art Space, S.A.,TX

2007         S.M.A.R.T Fest                                          One9Zero6 Art Gallery, S.A.,TX



                                             Curatorial shows  


2009- 11           Una Noche de la Gloria (Artside)                  Historic   Westside Art Distric

2010 -11         S.A.S.I.C. student art show               Centro Cultural Aztlan Art Gallery  


                                             Collaborative/ Assisted Murals


2008 Feb.       Assisted with Community Mural Project /   Mannhcke Park Neighborhood

                     Association in conjunction with the Witte Museum

                     and the Office cultural   Affairs, San Antonio, Texas

2007 Aug.     Assisted with “Brighter Days” Community Mural Project/

                     West side Mental Health Clinic in conjunction with San Anto

                     Cultural Arts , San Antonio, Texas

2007 June     Assisted with 30th Anniversary Community Mural Project,

                       Presa Community Center, San Antonio, Texas

1998 May      Area 210 Retail Space, San Antonio, Texas

1998   Feb.       Valadez Automotive, San Antonio, Texas





1997   Dec.     Bumper Outlet “Wall of Fame”   Mural Project,

                       San Antonio ,Texas

1997   Nov.     Texas Clippers, San Antonio,   Texas


                                      Independent Murals

1998             Femnomenon Retail Space, San   Antonio, Texas

1998             Street Fashions Retail Space,   San Antonio, Texas

1997             Sepios Ice House, San Antonio,   Texas

1997             La Popular Bakery, San Antonio,   Texas


Private Collections

Ms. Kay Bailey/ Chrisalis Art Foundation

Mr. Eric Lane and Dr. Kellen McIntyre

Mr. Pete Lopez

Dr. and Mrs. Phil Valente

Mrs. Karen Dagelish Seal




On and Off Freds. Rd Tour Catalogue, 2008-13  


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