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"The Death of Days" (thumbnail) "Sense of Peace" (thumbnail) "Dirty Love" (thumbnail) Evrything good. sunshine is that momentyou wake up in the morning and your still alive. one more day to do it again. one more chance to live your life like there is no tomorrow. enjoy the beautiful things in your life while you have them, they might be go (thumbnail) That mopoment where anything passionate in your life ceases to exist, or maybe it doesn't. your not sure. the moment of manipulation of uncertainty, is it coming from someone else or is it yourself playing psychological games with your own mind. you find (thumbnail) Absence, when you just dont have that "thing" in your life you,re looking for. That "thing that makes everything come together and it all feel right Void when you've lost it. chaotic thoughts, feelings tend to encompass your every waking moment. you're l (thumbnail)
"The Death of Days" (large view)
"The Death of Days"
oil and enamel on canvas
24" H x 48" W